Saturday, March 05, 2016

Costa Rica part 2

In between paragliding (and hiding from the heat) we've been enjoying the beauty of Costa Rica. We went out to the beach the other evening to watch the sunset.


Lots of people out once the heat of the sun is gone.


Little (1 cm) sand colored crabs were scurrying everywhere.

spot the crab

Of course, I had to take a few abstract shots :-)

sunset on wet sand

One morning we went to Hacienda Baru for breakfast and to wander around their butterfly garden and some of the short trails. I have been reading the books by Jack Ewing about this place so it was interesting to visit. A good sized iguana cooperated for some photographs and I managed to get quite close to it before it decided to take off. There are lots of iguanas around.


And Shelley found me a large (~ 3 inches long) bug in a women's bathroom. And made sure I didn't get arrested taking photos in there :-)

insect (3")

There are tons of large spiders around the Dominical launch site. They make huge webs a meter or more across. Sometimes they hold their legs in pairs so it looks like they only have four. I assume this is some kind of camouflage but I'm not sure what they are trying to look like.


There are hibiscus bushes everywhere. I always like these showy flowers.


Speaking of showy, I love the passion fruit flowers.

Passion Fruit flower

And a variety of brightly colored heliconia.


Who says ramen doesn't grow on trees!


Despite not going bird watching (yet) we've seen quite a few (I've checked off 21 in the bird app). It's fun to fly with the birds - I've been close to groups of vultures, pelicans, and wood storks. The vultures are your friends when paragliding since they show where the thermals (rising air) are. These little Inca Doves are common but cute. (We've seen showier birds but not to photograph)

Inca dove

For more photos see all 35 as a slideshow or overview

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