Thursday, March 10, 2016

Costa Rica Monteverde Plants

We took a day off from flying to visit the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve. One of the big attractions is the birds, and we did see some good ones. But spotting birds in thick forest is a challenge and most of the time there were none in sight. (You can tell I'm not a serious birder!) So I filled the time in between birds with photographing the incredible forest and its huge diversity of plants. Lots of these are somewhat abstract since I'm attracted by the shapes, lines, patterns, colors, and light.



The trails were well maintained and signed.

Shelley & Nick on trail

One of the characteristics of tropical forest is that things decay very fast. Some of the dead leaves were just as interesting subjects as the live ones.


leaf skeleton

Although I saw very few insects, almost every leaf was chewed on.

insect chewed leaves

I even managed to find some reflections :-)

forest reflections

Most of the forest was shades of green, which made the occasional flashes of other colors stand out even more.




I love color but sometimes the shape and light are what make an image and the color is just a distraction.


I am fascinated by the infinite variety of plants.



There weren't a lot of flowers in the forest. Lots of the trees have beautiful flowers but not many were blooming. Occasionally you'd see flowers on the ground but couldn't see where they had fallen from.



After the reserve we stopped in the town where I found more flowers than I had in the forest, including more varieties of Passion Fruit (Costa Rica has over 50 kinds)

Passion Fruit flower

Passion Fruit flower

For more photos see all 52 as a slideshow or overview

Stay tuned for the birds and butterfly photos from this outing.

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