Thursday, July 24, 2014

Noisy Juveniles

Birds that is, not delinquents :-)

I was biking home and came down the slope from the park to the alley and there were several birds on the ground. They flew up and screeched when they saw me. They looked liked some kind of raptor. Several of them landed on the tv antenna on top of the seniors home.

I headed home and put the long lens on the K3 and walked back to see what I could see. Luckily they were still hanging around.

Juvenile Swainson's Hawks

It was cloudy and there wasn't a lot of light. And they were a long way away so the photos aren't great. (I did use my monopod for a change.) But at least they were enough to identify them (I think) as juvenile Swainson's Hawks. Which makes sense because I've seen adults around the neighborhood. And I spotted one close to here last summer.

Juvenile Swainson's Hawks

See all 4 photos as a slideshow or overview

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