Sunday, July 13, 2014

Color and Form

Flowers are showy, gaudy even, hardly subtle. But that's because they're trying to attract pollinators. (Not to mention having been manipulated by plant breeders.) I just finished reading Seeing Flowers (available at McNally Robinson) which has made me more conscious of the forms and types of flowers (but not much better at identifying them!)

The irises are mostly past now, but the lilies are out, including the pond lilies (which aren't really lilies).


I'm afraid I don't know what this next one is (sorry Penny)


Or these:


The water lilies are easy (as long as I don't have to specify the particular kind!)

water lily

Apart from the colorful flowers, there is an abundance of lush greenery around, a result of all our rain. It's hard to believe it's the same bare, stark, almost black and white place that is Saskatchewan in the winter.

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