Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Wells Gray water

One of the highlights of Wells Gray Park is that it has a lot of waterfalls, including Helmcken Falls, the fourth largest in Canada. I love water and waterfalls so, as you can imagine, I took lots of photos. Here are some of my favorites:

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Moul Falls

The salmon jumping up Bailey's Chute were a challenge to photograph since they only jumped every few minutes. I ended up resting the camera on the railing, aimed in the right direction, and when I'd see a salmon I'd fire off a high speed burst and hope to catch something. I couldn't zoom in much since I didn't know where they'd jump. When I was reviewing my photos, at first I was wondering why I took so many of just water. Then I realized those were all the shots where I missed the salmon!

As usual with flowing water I was playing with both slow shutter speeds to blur the water, and fast shutter speeds to freeze it. Some of the images I converted to black and white since the color didn't add much.

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