Sunday, August 04, 2013

Print of the Week

I figured my first print after we got back should be one of the eagles with the big lens. I had a tough time choosing which one, but I knew this was a favorite of Shelley's.

bald eagle
(click to view larger)

We were driving from Skidegate to Masset on Haida Gwaii when we saw some bald eagles down on the beach - not an unusual sight, but there were a number of them and it seemed like a good chance to try for some photos. It had been raining and they were all quite wet and bedraggled. This one was sitting on a log quite a way down the beach. I started taking photos of him, gradually moving closer. I got quite close before he took off. In this photo you can see he had definitely noticed me! Shelley got some photos of me gradually getting closer. (I was squatting to take the photos to get a lower angle and be more stable.)

It's not quite as sharp as I'd like (more noticeable in a big print) but considering it was handheld at the equivalent of 750mm in quite low light at ISO 3200 it's not bad.

I also like the next shot as he prepared to take off, although I wish I had had time to zoom out a bit so it wasn't cut off. (This is cropped to horizontal, I was still shooting vertically when he decided to go.)  I like how his focus is so intently straight ahead and I like his heavy duty yellow feet. I'm tempted to print this one as well at some point.

ready for takeoff

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