Monday, August 26, 2013

Balloon Ride

I'm finally getting around to posting my photos from our balloon ride on August 1. This time we took off from Archibald park so we could walk over. As usual, it took us a few tries to get good enough weather to fly. Even that morning it seemed questionable since there were rain clouds around and the wind was unpredictable. But in the end we took off and had a great flight. The light wasn't quite as good as our previous flight, but it's still wonderful to get an aerial view of things.

(click to view 30 photos)
university bridge

I posted a few of the photos previously in Clouds

See also Shelley's post Flight of the Balloon and my post from our previous flight in 2009

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  1. Great pictures, Andrew - made me feel kinda homesick! Best pictures? Those with Shelley, of course!