Saturday, October 22, 2016

Nice, France

After our paragliding tour we took the train from Salzburg back to Vienna, left our paragliders in storage, picked up our backpacking gear and headed for Corsica with a brief stop in Nice, France. Unfortunately, it rained a lot, but it was still interesting to see a different part of France. (I'd only been to Paris and the French alps before.) The buildings have lots of balconies with metal railings that reminded me a little of New Orleans. And pastel colors that we don't tend to see in our cities.

after the rain

As usual, I enjoyed the smaller passageways in the old town, and details that catch my eye.

narrow street

menu and flowers

I'd recently read (if that's the right word) a book of photographs of reflections (Chasing Reflections by Eli Reinholdtsen). They were  reflections in windows and puddles, very different reflections than my usual light on water ones. So after all the rain, with water everywhere, I tried a few in that style.

buildings reflected in puddle

palm trees reflected in puddle

The pigeons were also taking advantage of the puddles to have a bath.

pigeon bath

The other common city birds were the collared doves. Interestingly, these only spread from Asia to Europe in the last 70 years. I wonder what triggered their dispersion?

Collared dove

Despite it being autumn, there were still quite a few flowers around (at least, compared to Saskatoon!)



Of course, I found some abstract subjects as well.

water drops

unfocused beach

Thankfully, the sun came out in the afternoon. Lots of people came out on the waterfront and beach.

Nice beach

Nice harbor

From Nice we took the ferry to the island of Corsica, passing the city state of Monaco (where Monte Carlo is), the second smallest country in the world. (the smallest is the Vatican)

Monaco and Monte Carlo


The sun set just as we were getting to Corsica and a full moon rose.


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