Thursday, October 13, 2016

Makarska, Croatia

We spent a few days in Makarska, a pretty little seaside town in Croatia, and enjoyed wandering the harbor and the trails around town. We only managed to get one paragliding flight due to the weather, but it's a great location and we'd love to come back here and fly some more.

Makarska harbor

Some kids had caught a bag full of crabs and were taking them home for supper.


The trail south of town.

coastal trail


fisherman at sunset

Fish (sardines?) being sold straight off the boat:


This cat was taking advantage of the bread that someone had put out to feed the pigeons:


And, of course, reflections in the harbor:


The last day we tried to fly late in the afternoon, but the clouds were covering the normal launch and our attempt to find an alternate launch didn't work out. Interesting light through the clouds though.

dramatic clouds over the ocean

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