Monday, September 26, 2016

Prague Zoo

We like to visit zoos wherever we go, and so we had planned to go to the Prague Zoo. But we were even more interested when we saw it had been named the 4th best zoo in the world in 2015. It didn't hurt that it was a beautiful day and the zoo wasn't too crowded. And there were lots of enclosures where you could photograph without bars or wire in the way.

We had to take a bus to get to the zoo, which is often more challenging than the metro (subway) but it went smoothly.

They had a bunch of young Komodo dragons that had been born at the zoo:

Komodo dragon

Of course, monkeys of various sorts:


These guys reminded me of our gophers (ground squirrels) at home:

ground squirrels

I really should keep track of the names of the animals I photograph. I'm not sure what these long nosed rodents were:


As always, the baby animals are a big attraction:

elephant & baby

We got a good look at the hyenas out and about:


There were lots of interesting birds in the zoo, and multiple walk through aviaries where you could see them up close.


This bird was huge and quite funny looking:


I'm not really happy to have lions and tigers in the zoo, but I still love to see them.

sleeping tiger

sleeping lion

This snake was amazingly well camouflaged:

well camouflaged snake

I'm not sure what this lizard was hanging onto!


I think this giant tortoise was just "yawning" but he looks quite fierce! (No problem outrunning him though.)

giant tortoise

I always enjoy the unofficial residents of the zoo, like this sparrow and butterfly:



It was funny to see these monkeys sharing an enclosure with mountain goats:

monkey & mountain goat

A different kind of pelican than we get in Saskatoon, although still quite recognizable:


One of the roles of zoos these days is conservation, as with these endangered Gharials:


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