Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Loreto Diving 2

Finally finished going through the rest of my diving photos from Loreto. (Now I just have to work through the La Paz ones before I start taking more at Cabo Pulmo!) We had a great six days of diving, including some nice long (over 80 minute) dives. It was nice when our dive master, Rafael, was also taking photographs because then we had plenty of time to poke around. Often, especially with bigger groups, there isn't much time for photography.

One of the highlights was a huge school of Mexican barracuda.

Mexican barracudas

At one point our dive master signalled and I looked over to see a turtle disappearing into the distance. I was behind the rest of the group so there wasn't much point trying to chase it. But when I looked around there were two more turtles close to me. One of them swam right by me. The rest of the group missed them since they were focused on the other one in the distance.

sea turtle

We saw lots of moray eels, both green and jewel. Shelley also saw a zebra. Usually all you see is the head poking out of a hole in the rocks. Sometimes all you'd see was a slice of green moray through a gap in the rocks and it was a challenge to figure out where the head and the rest of it was.  Occasionally you'd see one out swimming in the open. We saw one huge green moray that was by far the largest I've seen.

green moray eel

I took more photos of the territorial giant damselfish. This one has the grey head of a breeding male.

giant damselfish

and the cute big eyed porcupinefish


I love the small details of underwater life. Like the christmas tree and feather duster worms

christmas tree worms

feather duster worm

and the coral and sea stars

coral closeup

sea star closeup

(One advantage of higher resolution cameras like the Sony RX100m2 I'm using (20mp), is that you can crop small parts of an image and get good detail. Which is a good thing, because my underwater photography skills aren't up to capturing these kinds of closeups otherwise!)

For more photos, see all 53 as a slideshow or overview

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