Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Isla Espirito Santo

As I explained in my last post, we camped on Isla Espirito Santo while diving near La Paz. It was great being on the island. The stars at night were fabulous. At dusk the native hares with their huge ears would come around the dining area (presumably looking for scraps).

In the morning a great blue heron would be fishing on the beach near our tent.

Great blue heron

Frigate birds circled overhead and cormorants fished in the bay.


There was a nature trail to explore with cactus and flowers and lizards and hummingbirds.


cactus flower


One kind of lizard had a black spot behind its front legs.


The other kind had a black spot ahead of its front legs. This kind also had what looked like salt around its nostrils. Some birds and lizards can excrete salt through salt glands rather than in their urine, to conserve water.


We left our hike till later in the day to avoid the heat. The sun was just going down as we returned to camp on the beach.



We were also treated to a nice sunset on our boat ride back to La Paz.


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