Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Around Loreto 2

Another batch of miscellaneous photos from our time in Loreto. The first few are from a short nature walk on Coronado Island. Nice to find flowers, butterflies, lizards, and spiders on a "desert" island.


It's always a challenge to catch flitting butterflies and fast moving lizards but these ones cooperated briefly.



Nice to have supper overlooking the ocean and watch the sunset.


I always like it when there are house geckos around. We had a bunch of them living on the ceiling just outside our door. They would hide inside the light fixtures during the day and if you walked by, but if you moved slowly you could catch them out on the ceiling. It was funny to see their feet sticking out from under the light fixtures. Amazing how they can hold on to the ceiling so effortlessly. (And amazing how well modern cameras can handle low light, night time shots like this.)

House gecko

As well as the sea birds, there are a variety of other birds around Loreto. I didn't see as many this trip as other times, but we still saw hummingbirds, hooded orioles, and gila woodpeckers.

Gila woodpecker

In the past there were large groups of resident dolphins around Loreto, but sadly we hear they are much less common the last few years. We only saw a handful, and only from a distance.


Like the blue-footed boobies, Sally Lightfoot crabs are found in Baja as well as Galapagos. They are quite skittish, but there are lots around so I got plenty of photos. I love their bright colors against the dark rock, but I did convert one almost silhouette to black and white.

Sally lightfoot crab

Sally lightfoot crab

And, of course, I love all the bougainvillea everywhere! (Shelley in the background.)

bougainvillea & Shelley

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