Saturday, November 29, 2014


Waiting in the parking lot of the Sorong airport (sweating copiously) we were standing in the shade of a small tree. Out of habit I scanned the leaves and branches looking for insects or lizards, but didn't find anything. Glancing down I noticed something at the base of the tree. It turned out to be a small toad! My camera was still cold from the air conditioned hotel so it fogged up as soon as I pulled it out. Luckily the toad wasn't going anywhere and once the camera warmed up and defogged I got some pictures.



Love those eyes!

Our taxi driver was waiting with us and he insisted on posing the toad on a branch of the tree although I'm pretty sure toads don't generally climb trees. I was impressed though, when, after I finished taking pictures, the taxi driver carefully picked up the toad and moved him out of the sun into some tall grass under a bush. Nice to see that kind of attention to something as "uncharismatic" as a toad!

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