Friday, November 21, 2014


There's a lot to see and do in Singapore, even if you're not interested in shopping. One of the places we wanted to go was the Gardens at the Bay development with the "supertrees" and the huge garden domes. The first day we tried to go here it ended up raining most of the day and we only got a brief look. Instead we spent time at the Art Science Museum mostly looking at the huge Da Vinci exhibit. Unfortunately the "Art and Science of Photography" exhibit wasn't really my kind of photography, more political than artistic, but we still had lots to see. We attempted to go for lunch at the Marina Bay "SkyPark", but the only elevator we could find that would work for non-guests took us to a restaurant that had virtually no vegetarian food. (They offered to serve us 3 courses of salad and some fruit for $100 each.) So we ended up eating pizza in the mall :-) There wasn't much view anyway because it was so cloudy and rainy. We've spent way too much time in malls this trip (not intentionally). It seems like every subway/metro stop is attached to a mall.

Despite the rain, we enjoyed wandering around (after we bought umbrellas). There was a green walls that formed a map of the world:

green wall map

And a cool reflecting sculpture beside it. (The colored chairs are part of the PubliCity public spaces project)


spot the photographer
And various other sculptures:



The Art Science Museum building was shaped like a lotus flower (or an open hand):

Art and Science Museum

They had pools with lotus flowers around the base of the museum that formed the roof of some of the exhibit halls so they got natural light.

lotus flowers

Here's the Marina Bay Sands resort with its rooftop Skypark (which I call the banana boat) and in the foreground the Helix pedestrian bridge:

Helix Bridge & Marina Bay Sands

There's even a floating stadium (configured as a soccer field at this time):

floating stadium

Where we had coffee at the mall was below a huge glass bowl full of water draining into the canal in the mall (complete with venetian style boat rides), leading to some interesting reflections :-)

mall water feature

A couple of days later we made it back to see the actual Gardens at the Bay. Many more photos to come from that day, which I'll post when I get through them. Although we're now heading to Raja Ampat to scuba dive and the internet may not be that good. (We're currently on a layover in Jakarta.)

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