Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Raja Diving

It's hard to capture the number and variety of fish, photos just aren't the same as being down there, surrounded by them. There are so many different kinds, so many colors and shapes.

And sometimes large schools of fish. Our dive guide circled round behind this school to "herd" them towards us. 

But it's not just the fish. There are so many other amazing things to see. This is a clam on a coral.

These huge stingrays were digging in the sand, probably eating the garden eels. There were holes all over the bottom from previous digging. The fish were hanging around - perhaps to get the leftovers.

When we arrived our dive guide asked if there was anything particular we wanted to see. We asked if there were sea horses here since we'd never seen any. He said there were lots and he would show us. But they are pygmy sea horses, less than half an inch and they blend in almost perfectly with the soft coral they are on. I'm not sure how he spotted them. I could barely see them even with him pointing directly to them. Sometimes I'd just take photos blindly, assuming there must be something where he was pointing!

spot the sea horse

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