Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Prints of the Week

Saskatoon has been building a new police station and they were looking for pictures to hang on the walls. Shelley sent them links to some of my photos and they ended up choosing four of them. It's always interesting to see which photos people choose. In this case I assume it wasn't just a matter of what they liked, but also what they thought would go best in the station. I'm flattered that they liked my photos enough to want to use them. (If anyone else is interested in a print of any of my photos, just let me know.)

canada geese on snow


pelican splashdown

sunset bicyclist

I printed them 16x20 on Epson Exhibition Fiber paper on my Epson 3880 printer using Lightroom and I was pretty happy with how they came out. The paper is about $5 a sheet and it takes a fair bit of time (and probably $5 worth of ink) to print this size so I do test prints at 4x6 and 8x10 before doing the final prints. I'm getting better at judging how a print will look but there's still some trial and error.

I was a little nervous about the one of the path (second one) because it was quite old. Not that digital images fade, but that meant it was taken with my previous always-in-the-pack camera - a Canon SD700 IS. It was a decent camera when it came out, but it was only 6 megapixels which is not a lot for 16x20. (Less than my current iPhone's 8mp) But I enlarged it with Perfect Resizer and it came out fine (IMO). Apart from the resolution, I also wish that I had a raw file to work with rather than a jpeg since that would have given me more leeway to process it.

I had major problems trying to get the manual rear feed on the printer to work. I had just used it with this size of paper on the weekend, but this time I just couldn't get it to work. Either it would say the paper was not loaded correctly, or it would appear to take it and then when I went to print it would give an error. It kept saying there was a paper size error, but I double and triple checked all my settings and still couldn't get it to work. In the end I just used the regular sheet feeder and it worked fine. On the positive side, it would reject it before doing any printing so I didn't waste any paper.

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