Saturday, April 21, 2018

Signs of Life

No winter lasts forever; no spring skips its turn. 
- Hal Borland 

Amazing how the pelicans show up exactly when the weather warms up.

pelican in flight

I didn't notice them at the time, but the reflection make a good backdrop for this pelican in flight.


From a distance I thought this was one of the Common Goldeneye that hang around all winter. But through the telephoto I could see the red beak and slightly different coloring of a Common Merganser.

Common Merganser

The jackrabbits are looking a little scruffy as they shed their thick white winter coat and expose their new tan summer colors.


They're pretty tame around Innovation Place, but still a little suspicious of the paparazzi.


A pair of Canada Geese were checking out the island in the pond at Innovation Place. So far none have decided to nest there. Probably a little too much pedestrian traffic. I love the patterns their feathers make.

Canada Goose

I couldn't resist a few last ice shots. You wouldn't think it, but there is actually life under that ice - the first few water boatmen are already swimming around.


island bird life

So much life on this island - pelicans, cormorants, gulls, and Canada Geese, safe from people, dogs, cats, coyotes etc.

I haven't found any crocuses yet, but other buds are bursting.

buds bursting

These were all taken with the Tamron 18-400 lens on my Nikon 7200.

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