Saturday, September 23, 2017

Between Flying

The landing zone and camping at Dunlap is next to a pond which had turtles and frogs and birds.


I noticed the first frogs as they jumped into the water when I approached the shore. Then I noticed eyes sticking out of the water.


I spotted one that hadn't jumped in the water which was how I identified them.


Bullfrogs are native to eastern North America but they have been introduced into a wider range where they are often considered invasive species since they out compete native species. They are common in California. They are also harvested for food (frog's legs) in some places. They can grow up to 8 inches and almost 2 lbs!

The most common birds on the pond were coots, although there were also Canada geese.

Coot and reflections

And some nice reflections in the morning light.

pond reflections

pond reflections

Away from the pond Western Fence Lizards (aka "bluebellies" for the obvious reason) were common.

fence lizard

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