Friday, February 26, 2016

Houston Butterflies

We stopped in Houston because it was where our flight to Costa Rica left from. We didn’t really know much about it or have much planned to do. We stayed at the historic Lancaster Hotel which was nice. We deliberately picked a place “downtown” but that turned out to be of dubious value. Downtown Houston seems to be a very sterile place. Lots of big office buildings, a few restaurants and coffee shops and that’s it. Not even any shopping to speak of (not that we were really looking for shopping.)

But we soon discovered the museum district, park, and zoo, which kept us busy for a few days. It was quite far from downtown, but the Metro worked well to get there. The first day we visited the Museum of Natural Science (as opposed to the unnatural science?) spending most of our time in the butterfly garden. We also saw the new National Parks IMAX movie starring Conrad Anker and Max Lowe. I loved the Chronophage (time eater) clock with a grasshopper escapement (invented almost 300 years ago).

Yellow Tiger Longwing

Rice Paper



Tawny Owl


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