Wednesday, July 03, 2013

American Robin

When I went to the pond at Innovation Place today to eat my lunch there was an American Robin sitting on the back of a chair. I thought he would fly away as I approached, but he didn't. I walked by quite close, sat down at a nearby table, and got my lunch out. He still hadn't moved so I thought he might stay long enough for me to get my camera out. Surprisingly, he did.

As usual, I started by taking pictures from a distance and then gradually moving closer. The G12 I carry in my pack doesn't have a very good telephoto, but I got within three or four feet of him,.

I wondered if there was something wrong with him, especially because he looked a little scruffy. But shortly after I sat down again to eat my lunch he flew away. And zooming in on the photo, you can see he was holding a bug in its beak.

Robins are ubiquitous here in the summer, but I'm fond of all creatures, regardless of how common.

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