Monday, July 02, 2012

Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation

Yesterday Penny, Shelley, and I went to visit Jan Shadick of Living Sky Wildlife Rehabilitation. (see the post on EcoFriendlySask) She does an amazing job of looking after all these creatures.

There wasn't much light for taking photos (and I didn't want to scare them with the flash) but I managed to get a few. (click to view larger)

a handful of ducklings

injured bird

baby bird


young ducks

baby racoons

arctic wolf pup
arctic wolf pup

These were taken with my Pentax K7, mostly at 3200 ISO, with noise reduction and adjustments in Lightroom 4. It's pretty amazing (to a geek like me, anyway) what digital photography can manage hand held in a dim basement.

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  1. Awesome Photos, Andrew!! Thanks for the visit and support! -Jan