Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Garter Snake iPhone Video

I was walking to work and I saw something up ahead on the path. As I got closer it started to look like a snake but it wasn't moving. I figured it was dead, probably run over by a bicycle or a maintenance vehicle. But when I got close enough, I could see it's head up and watching me.

I had my new iPhone in my pocket, listening to a podcast, so I pulled it out. I shot a still photo but I knew it wouldn't look like much. Then I realized that I could shoot a video clip. It was lucky that it was a cool rainy morning - on a warm day the snake would have been long gone before I could video it. I'm not sure what he was doing out and about in the cold weather, maybe he was snacking on the worms that were out on the sidewalk due to the rain.


  1. Good video. You had to show off the 3GS, didn't you? :-)

  2. Cool video! It looks great!