Sunday, February 16, 2014

Vegas Sunrise

My mind surfaced slowly from a deep sleep. What was that incessant noise beside my head? Eventually I woke up enough to realize it was the radio clock alarm that the previous guest of the room must have kindly left set for 6am. Of course, it was a high tech radio clock alarm with a million buttons so it took me considerable groggy fumbling before I got it to shut up.

By this point I was awake enough to notice the fantastic sunrise. Luckily we were on the 16th floor (of the Red Rocks Hotel & Casino) where no one was likely to be looking in since I didn't bother putting on any clothes before grabbing my camera. FOMAS = Fear of Missing A Shot :-)

It would have been nice if the window was cleaner, and the reflections were problematic, but the results are still pretty good. Almost too colorful, but I didn't boost the saturation at all.




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