Thursday, February 13, 2014

Springs Preserve

After three days of climbing we took a rest day. It turned out to be a busy rest day, though!

First stop (after morning coffee, of course) was Desert Rock Sports, the local climbing store. I didn't buy any climbing gear but I did end up buying a beautiful coffee table book of climbing photographs - Stone Mountains: North America's Best Crags by Jim Thornburg.

After that we headed for our favourite spot in Vegas (other than Red Rocks) - Springs Preserve. This is a wonderful combination of museum, gardens, and natural area, right inside Las Vegas, amazingly, not far from the strip. Unless you're glued to the strip and shopping, we highly recommend a visit. We spent about 3.5 hours there, largely due to me taking a zillion photographs :-)

After Springs Preserve we went to Gravity (the movie) in IMAX 3D. I could quibble with some of the science and physics, but other than that it was good.

Next stop was REI, where we didn't actually buy much but always enjoy browsing all the latest outdoor gear.

We ended the day at Vintner Grill, one of the restaurants we like here. As usual, we had a great meal with good service.

It was a full day, but at least it didn't involve any additional abuse to my sore fingers and muscles!

Here are a few of the photos from Springs Preserve. Or view all 34 as a slideshow or overview.






I had my full contingent of cameras and lenses. Shelley helped carry "the baby" i.e. the long telephoto in between bird sightings, while I played with close-ups with the new macro lens.


View all 34 photos as a slideshow or overview.

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