Friday, February 28, 2014

Boyce Thompson Arboretum

Another spot we hadn't made it to on previous trips to Phoenix was the Boyce Thompson Arboretum. It has some similarities with the botanical gardens but it's outside town, in a more natural setting. It also includes plants from other countries, for example there's a big Australian portion. And there's a pond and a creek. Overall, I think we liked the arboretum better.

One of the excitements at the arboretum was seeing a (wild) rattlesnake. Everyone out here always warns us about the rattlesnakes when we're going hiking but we've never seen one till now. I had walked by some bushes beside the main path and heard a noise that didn't sound like the typical bird or lizard, but I couldn't see anything so I kept going. A few minutes later Shelley called me back - she'd spotted a snake. We couldn't see the whole snake since it was under the leaves and branches, but we could see its middle section moving slowly along. It was quite large, maybe 2 inches in diameter? Finally it's tail came into view with its identifying rattles. Considering Shelley says she doesn't like snakes, she was quite calm and interested. Especially considering it was only a few feet off the path. But it was obviously uninterested in us, and just going about its business.

We also saw some red cardinals, but they didn't cooperate enough to get photos. They are such colorful bright red birds.










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