Sunday, November 17, 2013

San Salvador 1

Our flights from Miami to Nassau to San Salvador went smoothly, other than Shelley's bag containing all her diving gear got bumped from our flight because the plane was too full.

We're staying at Riding Rock - a small dive oriented place. We lucked out and there are only two other guests this week. If we'd come last week there were 37 people here! Diving with a small group is a lot more pleasant.

The weather is pleasantly warm but not too hot. Riding Rock is simple but nice. And they have the essential wifi :-)


We're facing west so we get the sunsets.



I have a new underwater photography setup - a housing for the RX100 and a strobe (flash). The RX100 almost has too many settings for underwater. On the first dive I pressed the wrong button and ended up taking three duplicates of every shot. By the second and third dives I was getting a little better at it. I always hate spending too much time fiddling with the camera when I could be looking at everything, but I also love getting good photos.

reef sharks

flamingo tongue

blue tang

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