Saturday, November 16, 2013


We spent two nights in Miami, partly to have a cushion in case we missed a train connection. We've never stayed in Miami before so we picked a hotel by location (close to the aquarium), size (small), and character (art theme). When we arrived at Hotel Urbano a painting class had taken over the restaurant. The hotel isn't really near anything, but it's a nice small hotel - we liked it.

We knew in advance that the Miami Seaquarium was more of a "theme park" but we still figured we'd check it out. We had a bit of a struggle figuring out how to catch the bus, but eventually managed it.

Not for the first time, I had fun taking photos of some of the birds and lizards that were unofficial residents. There were herons, ibis, and egrets hanging around scrounging.

egret stealing dolphin's food



green heron

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