Friday, November 15, 2013

Glimpses of Savannah

Between the train and the rain I haven't taken many photographs yet on this trip. So it was good to wander around Savannah and take a few. Our train was 3 1/2 hours late getting in but we weren't on a schedule so it was no big deal.

I like the historic part of Savannah with its many squares, old buildings and houses, and trees with their spanish moss. We arrived along with colder weather but it was still a lot better than up north and there were even a few flowers hanging on. My big camera was still packed so these were taken with the RX100.



We like to think of ourselves as expert travellers but we still mess up on occasion. We had been busy organizing what to do during our extra day in Savannah and had booked a rental car so we could explore the area. Then when we checked into the hotel they only had us booked for one night. I was in the middle of arranging a second night when we realized that our train was booked for the next day. So we cancelled the second night at the hotel and the rental car. And went back and checked the rest of our bookings. We're not sure how we both ended up thinking we had an extra day. At least we caught it before we missed a connection!


We stayed at The Planters Inn again, had lunch at Goose Feathers, coffee at Gallery Espresso, and supper at The Saphire Grill - all good choices if you find yourself in Savannah.

Next stop, Miami and then San Salvador island in the Bahamas for scuba diving.

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