Friday, July 26, 2013

Haida Gwaii part 2

After our hike we stayed overnight in Masset. We were surprised to find most of the accommodation was full, but we eventually found a nice B&B. We could have camped but after 3 nights of camping we were ready for showers.

We visited the Delkatla Nature Sanctuary centre and checked out the bird watching towers. We didn't see too much but it's a nice area.

The next day we made our way back to Skidegate ready for the ferry back to Prince Rupert the following day. We stopped at Port Clements to hike the golden spruce trail, and to check out another bird watching tower. Shelley spotted some sandhill cranes in the distance and after trying a few spots along the road we got fairly close to them, although even with the big lens, they were still fairly small.

We had booked to stay at Jag's Beanstalk but the reservation was made for the wrong day. However, they kindly found us another place to stay so everything was fine. They even let us hang out in the coffee shop (and use the wifi) after closing while we waited for the other place to be available. (The owner of the other cabin turned out to be the photographer who had taken the reflection photos displayed in the coffee shop in Masset.)

There were two Townsend's warblers (photo below) hopping around in a tree. It was a challenge to photograph them but I managed a couple of decent shots. This is the big lens at work again.

The barn swallows had a nest on the B&B where we stayed. When we arrived in the evening there were four of the young in the nest and another one on the railing. In the morning they'd all left the nest and were perched in various nearby spots. They were pretty cute.

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Townsend's warbler

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