Friday, October 12, 2012

Morning Coffee in Loreto

Happily, the coffee shop next to the square (Latte Cafe) is open when we arrive. The sign says 8 am but that just seems to mean sometime after that, maybe 9, maybe 10. And being open is just the first hurdle, you also have to find someone to serve you. It's run by the same people as the restaurant next door (Cafe Olé) and I'm guessing since its still the off season it's not worth paying someone to work there. So sometimes you get a guy who I think is the owner, and sometimes a woman with a baby or two, probably his wife. A couple of tourists just came by and eventually gave up because they couldn't find anyone to serve them. (The trick is to get the attention of someone at the restaurant.)

It's a rest day so we have time to relax over morning coffee. Shelley is a keener, she'd dive every day but as a concession to my shocking lack of motivation and stamina we are only diving two out of every three days :-)

It's just the perfect temperature (around 26c) to sit outside and have a coffee and watch the world. Later it'll be too hot even in the shade.

There's a little dove pecking around in the street. I take its picture although it's as common as the sparrows it's still cute. And of course there are sparrows chattering away noisily in the trees.

A hummingbird is flitting around although there are no flowers so I'm not sure what it's up to. There are quite a few here but coming from Saskatchewan, it's still a treat to see them.

Several butterflies pass by. There are tons of them around but they never sit still so it's hard to identify them, let alone photograph them. Occasionally one agrees to pose, but they are temperamental super-models. Apparently this is the season for butterflies but I wonder if the recent rains make a difference too.

Shelley is reading her book (Kindle) and normally I would be too, but instead I'm just enjoying the coffee and watching what's going on. (At least until I decided to write this.)

A quad just went by on the mostly pedestrian street in front of the coffee shop. And then a whole parade of dirt bikes on the main street - probably an organized tourist "adventure". I know I'm in the minority, but if I was king of everything I'd get rid of all noisy motorized "sport" vehicles. I hate 'em. Of course, as usual that's somewhat hypocritical since you could argue that includes the boat that takes us out diving :-(

One of the sparrow lands at my feet and chirps loudly at me. Probably looking for crumbs. I ask him "¿que pasa?" but like most locals he doesn't understand my Spanish and just looks at me quizzically.

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