Saturday, August 28, 2010

La Paz

We took the bus to La Paz this morning - about a five hour ride. The bus was mostly empty which was nice. People are surprised that we're taking the bus, but it's not a problem. The buses are good and the bus stations are respectable. It doesn't seem any worse than taking the bus in Canada. (Not that most people do that either.)

We checked into Casa Tuscany, the B&B where we're staying in La Paz. It was recommended by another place we'd tried that was full. It seems very nice. We're in the Romeo & Juliet room (that was all they had available, honest) Nice courtyard and flowering plants and trees. Even a hummingbird feeder.

It doesn't seem quite so hot here and it even rained a bit this afternoon. But La Paz seems too much like a big city after Loreto - we passed the Walmart and Sears and Applebees restaurant.

We asked for a recommendation for supper and they suggested Tres Virgenes. We ate there the last time we were in La Paz (4 or 5 years ago) and liked it. But we weren't vegetarian then, so we'll have to see what they have. We can usually find something, even if it's just salads and appetizers.

Right now we're sitting in Cafe Exquisito, on the malecon with a view of the ocean. And free wifi :-)

Tomorrow we take the bus to San Jose del Cabo (the old town near Cabo San Lucas) and from there a shuttle to Cabo Pulmo for more diving. It is the only spot in Baja with a hard coral reef (as opposed to all the soft corals we've been seeing) so we want to check it out.

Hurricane Frank has been threatening Baja and might interfere with the diving but it appears to be weakening so hopefully we'll be ok.

We're not expecting to have Internet at Cabo Pulmo (there's not much there) so probably no photos or blog posts this week.

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  1. Sounds gorgeous....even with the threat of hurricanes (I had hurricanes threatening us through my entire honeymoon). Enjoy the trip. :)