Friday, August 27, 2010

Baja 2010 #4

[Shelley] Just Andrew and I diving today so Raphael decided we needed a challenge. We gave him a challenge too -- 5 days of dolphins and a sea turtle. He delivered on every one!

Water was a bit rough so had to all get in at once and immediately get over to anchor line. Thanks goodness for long arms that reached over to grab my hand! Deep dive of 30 m, a bit of swimming involved but well worth it. Several huge groupers and amazing corals on a colorful wall plus the usual suspects.

When we got out after first dive Raphael claimed to have heard dolphins while we were under water. Ya right, I thought. But then Daniel drove us straight over to a small pod of them!

Second dive again started off challenging. Raphael said we'd see a turtle on this dive. Again I thought, ya right! But within minutes we came across a humongous black sea turtle, probably 150 lbs.  Had barnacles growing on him so has been around for a while. Saw more eels, a Sedna nudibranch, and a bullseye manta.

On the boat ride back to Loreto we really got the dolphin show and Andrew shot some amazing photos -- dolphins in flight! Also saw a sea lion that had caught a fish and was "playing" with it. Those photos are not for the faint of heart!

Baja 2010 #4

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  1. Again - just awesome pictures !!! :-)