Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Baja #2

Baja 2010 #2

[Shelley] Wow! What a difference it makes getting a couple dives under your belt, less current, and the proper amount of weights. Miraculously I even managed some pretty darn good buoyancy control today, if I do say so myself. Well, for the most part anyway!

More dolphins on the way to and from the dive sites and also a mobula (related to the manta ray) jumping up out of the water -- and another miracle that I actually caught it on camera!

Both dives today, at the end of Carmen Island, were awesome. First we went into a shallow cave so had to use lights. Most interesting thing was several white Sedna nudibranch and tons of small fish hiding in all the cubbyholes.

On the two dives we saw spiny lobster, sea lions, Christmas tree worms, garden eels, green moray eel, crown of thorns starfish, huge balloon fish, among many, many others. Raphael was excited to see moorish idols as they are not common here.

The reason we came at this time (despite the hottest weather of the year) was to see the Humboldt Squid. Unfortunately, the squid have not arrived this year. The sport fishing is also terrible. Something to do with the currents being abnormal. Possibly related to climate change? Oh well, the diving is still awesome.

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