Monday, March 01, 2010

Videos of Peru Insects

Some videos from our Peru trip. I'm afraid my video skills are not that great but they still give a different perspective than still photographs. If you've got a fast internet connection you can watch them larger and higher resolution on YouTube. (click on YouTube on the bottom right of the video)

These Bullet ants were about 2cm (3/4") long and their bite sounds nasty - one of the reasons you don't want to just grab a branch or sit on a log.

It was amazing to see the processions of Leaf cutter ants.

The ants were in the Tambopata rain forest near Puerto Maldonado.

Dung (or Scarab) beetles. These were in the Colca Canyon. Notice how the female just goes along for ride.

Some of this was taken with the Canon SD700IS point-and-shoot and some of it with the Pentax K7. The Pentax is definitely better quality but it can't auto-focus while taking video which is why you'll notice the focus problems. I used iMovie to process them.

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  1. Very cool! I love the leaf cutter ants.