Sunday, July 12, 2009

The Generation M Manifesto

The Generation M Manifesto - Umair Haque -

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  1. It is widely believed that people given enough money and political freedom will be good and happy. From the Garden of Eden onwards this has proved false. Greed, cruelty, violence, all the deadly sins flourish.

    What system of government will pride these material needs in such a way enable their provision to continue and the community large or small to withstand external threats has of course been discussed since Plato wrote of his Guardians.
    The majority are often wrong and often impose their views on minorities.

    If like most people you are poor on subsistence level the form of government and the future of the community mean little against finding the next meal. These worries come with affluence.

    The hope lies in ethical standards beyond enlightened self-interest. Otherwise I ask, "What has posterity ever done for me?"