Tuesday, December 01, 2015

Parting Shots

Final batch of photos from our trip, I promise!

While we were waiting for the bobsled races in Whistler I couldn't help noticing the frost on the snow and trying to capture it. It's always tricky taking photos of white on white! Good practice for back in Saskatoon.


Back in Vancouver we walked from the train station to Terra Breads for supper and on the way back I quickly pulled out my camera to capture the view. (handheld at 1/30 at ISO 7200 - the wonders of modern cameras!)

Vancouver night skyline

As usual we were treated to great scenery on the train ride. But the windows were dirty, and the train moving, and I resisted taking any photos, knowing they wouldn't turn out well. But the sunrise was fantastic and I gave in. And yes, the sky really was that colorful!

sunrise from the train

This one had a bit of a surreal feel to start with so I reinforced that with the processing.

sunrise from the train

And finally the sun began to peek over the horizon.

sunrise from the train

The sunrise lasted a long time - these shots were taken from about 8am to 9am.

For more sunrise photos see all 11 in this album as a slideshow or overview

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