Sunday, September 27, 2015

Prints of the Week

A couple more from Nepal.


I liked the wet texture and color of the rock, the green of the moss and plant, and the water flowing in the background. This was 1/30th of a second to blur the water, but still reasonable to handhold with image stabilization.


I went with black and white on this one since the color didn't add much - mostly just the brown grass of autumn. Without the color I could boost the contrast and make it more striking. We saw a lot of waterfalls on our Kanchenjunga trek but I found it difficult to capture the feel of them. I think the fog helps make the height apparent in this one.

Yesterday at the pop-up Etsy market someone told me I should be there with my photographs. I'm happy to share my photos and I certainly appreciate it when people like them, but I'm not that motivated to try to sell them. I just enjoy creating images for its own sake. I do have to be in the right frame of mind, though. I went to print something yesterday, browsed through photos, made a few test prints, but just couldn't get excited about any of them. Today I was more in the mood :-)

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