Sunday, August 09, 2015


We're on another road trip, heading eventually to Seattle for a computer conference, hoping to do some paragliding along the way. Our first day we drove as far as Livingston where we naively expected to pull in and grab a hotel room. Although we figured it might be busy on a weekend, we soon discovered there wasn't an available hotel room within 100 miles. We're used to traveling off season when the problem is more things being closed than everything being full. We were told even the camp sites were all full. We tried a few campgrounds and eventually one suggested the Livingston Campground which is more or less right in town. It was also "full" but for tents they just had an area of grass and we were told if we could fit in our tent we could stay. And hey, it was only ten bucks!

We figured we'd better book something in Jackson quick. There was some availability but the prices are pretty crazy. Needless to say it was a whole lot more than $10. But by the time we finished the slow drive through Yellowstone we were glad we had something booked so we didn't have the stress of searching. And the hotel was at Teton Village in Jackson Hole, within walking distance of the gondola that we'd be taking to paraglide - perfect, other than the price! (We found a KOA for the next few nights. Further away, but considerably cheaper!)

We didn't stop much driving through Yellowstone. Between road construction, slow speed limits, and traffic jams from animals it took us long enough even just driving straight through. So despite it being beautiful scenery I only grabbed a few photos:

Yellowstone Canyon

Yellowstone Canyon

Yellowstone Canyon


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