Wednesday, August 26, 2015


It's been a few years since we've been in Victoria so it was nice to wander around. If you're lucky you'll see some otters or seals in the harbour. These are river otters, perhaps a family group since there were two smaller presumably younger ones.


Victoria in the summer seems full of flowers.


It was hazy, probably from the forest fires, but we did get a few views of Mt. Baker in the distance (another one we've climbed).

Mt. Baker at sunset

We had some nice meals - Il Terrazo, Oak Bay Hotel, Muse Winery, Spinnaker, Rebar - lots of good places in and around Victoria.

We went for lunch at Muse Winery, sampled some of their wines, and wandered their vineyards where the grapes were ripening. (We sampled some of the grapes too - interesting how they varied in sweetness and flavor.)

vineyard grapes

After supper at Spinnakers we had a sunset walk along the water.


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