Thursday, August 27, 2015

Sidney Aquarium

After lunch at Muse Winery, the aquarium in Sidney was nearby. This is quite a small aquarium and Shelley and I had been there before, but I was happy to have a chance to visit and get a few photos.

Jellyfish are interesting to watch and the tanks are often lit to highlight their inhabitants. If I remember correctly this is a lions mane jelly


Some of them are very transparent.


Grunt sculpins are funny looking fish. They use their spiny fins to crawl across the bottom.


I forget what kind of shrimp this was.


A colorful anemone. As kids we liked to poke them to make them withdraw all their tentacles and contract into a ball.


A curious fish.


When we first got there the giant pacific octopus was sleeping in a corner, as usual. But later he came out to show off for us. Fascinating creatures.

giant pacific octopus

Despite the challenges of dirty glass, dim lighting, and other people, it's still easier than actually shooting underwater! (And the new Nikon D7200 does a great job in the dim light.)

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