Tuesday, June 02, 2015

Window Seat

My home office window looks out onto the trees in the back yard. They're a bit stark in the winter when they're bare, but in the summer they make a nice green backdrop. I looked out this afternoon to see a bunch of birds on the branches. They turned out to be Cedar waxwings. (I'd also seen some yesterday at Innovation Place.)

I grabbed my camera and got a few shots although they were hidden in the leaves. I really needed my big lens but didn't have time to get it. So not great photos, but recognizable - you can see the crested head, black mask, red tip on its wing, and (just barely) the yellow stripe across it's tail. Quite pretty birds in my opinion.

Cedar waxwing

Cedar waxwing

A group of waxwings is known as a "museum" or an "ear-full". I can see where "ear-full" comes from since a large group of them can be quite noisy.

After the birds had left, I went to clear some cobwebs from the window, and a spider came running out. I had the macro lens on the K3 so I grabbed it and took some photos. It kept running around making it difficult to photograph. I though maybe I had scared it, but then it ran out onto the web and proceeded to gobble down a fly that had been snared.

dinner! said the spider


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