Tuesday, June 09, 2015

Print of the Week

I know, it hasn't been a week since the last Print of the Week post. But this print is actually from a couple of weeks ago, I just hadn't got around to posting it.

This is one from the Santa Barbara zoo, although it could be from any zoo. I love the texture of the wrinkled skin, especially as a large print. It's a dark image, which fits the melancholy mood that I associate with it. I have very mixed feelings about zoos. I love to see the animals, and I hope it gives people a better connection with them, but I also hate that the animals are in captivity, no matter how "natural" their cages are. I have no idea if this elephant is happy or sad, but in my mind the picture portrays an animal that would rather be in the wild.

click to view larger

This is a black and white conversion with a slight warm tint. The original didn't have a lot of color to start with so it seemed like an obvious choice, especially with the contrasty image.

PS. I posted the image from the last Print of the Week on my 500px account and it was surprisingly popular, as good as any that I've posted there. Considering the volume and quality of images on 500px, that's pretty good. Not that I do photography to be popular, but it never hurts if other people like the photos too.

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