Tuesday, June 23, 2015


After three days of climbing we were ready for a break so we took a day off to tour around. We had breakfast at The Bench, one of our regular coffee stops in Pentiction.


I had fun trying to take photos of the sparrows flitting around the patio.


Then we headed south with our first stop at Vaseux Lake Bird Sanctuary. There were more mosquitos than birds, but I did manage a few shots of an osprey. (Although it was too far away so they're not as sharp as I'd like.)

osprey launch

No tripod, so I was doing my best to brace the long lens. (I handed my other camera to Shelley to hold and she took advantage of the opportunity to get a photo of me taking photos :-)

photographing the osprey

Next we stopped at the Osoyoos Desert Center. We missed the tour, but we'd been on it before so we just walked around the boardwalk on our own. Most of the animals are nocturnal but it's nice to see the plants and the scenery. We surprised a tiny spotted fawn that was hiding under the boardwalk. Unfortunately it ran into the bushes and I couldn't get a photo. The staff told us there were twin fawns and that the mother would have left them to go and feed.

The information in the center helped me identify these flowers (that we'd also seen at Skaha Bluffs) as Sagebrush Mariposa Lilies. Pretty flowers.

Sagebrush mariposa lily

Last time we were here there was a Kildeer nesting right close to the center. This time we saw one by the water.


We went to the nearby Miradoro restaurant at Tinhorn Creek Winery for lunch. It has fantastic views (not to mention great food).

Tinhorn Creek Miradoro restaurant

view from Tinhorn Creek winery

Shelley at Tinhorn Creek

We also visited Le Vieux Pin, one of our winery favorites. And we finished up with afternoon coffee and gelato at Medicis Gelateria in Oliver (in a former church).

To finish the day, a friend took us to the new Bad Tattoo Brewing Company, for great pizza and beer.

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