Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Prints of the Week

More from our Kanchenjunga trek. I'm not sure what caught my eye about this one. It was taken in the late evening so it was close to black and white to start with. Usually prayer flags are so colorful but no sign of that in this photo. Maybe it just brings back memories for me, in which case it may not be one of your favorites. And black and white isn't everyone's cup of tea.

end of the day

For a splash of color to balance the black and white I also printed this closeup of a freshly painted mani stone.

mani stone

Shelley set up our last living room wall for hanging photos so our rotating home "gallery" is now up to nine photos. So much of our viewing is now done on screens these days, but there's still something different about a print. Paper is never as bright as a computer screen, but it's different to live with them a while and see how they grow on you (or not). If you're a photographer, I'd encourage you to print and display some of your images, even if it's just 8x10's.

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