Sunday, May 31, 2015


The flowering trees are coming to an end, with most of their petals now lying thick on the ground (along with all the seeds from the trees) so these are probably the last of the blossom photos from this year. They are delightful while they last.



These leaves of these next flowers are one of the first signs of green to emerge from under the snow. But because the leaves lie under the snow all winter they often look rather bedraggled. The flowers are a nice splash of color though.

spot the spider

I didn't notice the spider until I was looking at the photos on the computer. Can you spot it?

Speaking of spiders, I've been watching for the fishing spiders by the pond. So far I've only spotted a few small ones. I assume they'll get larger as the summer progresses.

These flowers always look pretty in the early morning light.


And the irises are starting to flower. They must run the sprinklers early in the morning so when I arrive at work the plants are all covered with sparkling drops of water.


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