Monday, March 30, 2015

Spring is Coming

Sunday morning early I headed out to Cranberry Flats since it looked like such a beautiful morning. It's been a while since I've been here. When I was a kid my family used to come out here all the time. We'd walk the dog, my father would take photographs, I'd catch garter snakes and frogs, my mother would let us talk her into wading across to sandbars or the island. It's a little more developed these days with a real parking lot (albeit full of potholes) and boardwalks but otherwise it hasn't changed much.

There was another photographer out there with a long telephoto lens on his camera looking for birds. I don't think he found much except for the Canada Geese. He spotted a couple of coyotes crossing the river but I couldn't pick them out. I didn't have my long lens and I settled for smaller subjects, enjoying the play of early morning light on the frost and plants.


Watch out for the rose bushes!

rose thorns

The frost on the river ice was fascinating when you looked at it close up.


I'm a fan of back light, love how it shows the details of the leaves in this next shot.


I was also playing with abstract images from deliberately out of focus shots.



It's always good to see (and hear!) the geese returning in the spring.

Canada geese

These were taken with my older K5ii since Pentax has my newer K3 again. They don't seem to be having much luck trying to fix it :-( I was using my Sigma 18-250 macro lens which has replaced my old Tamron 18-250. Some of the newer versions have upped the range to 16-300 but they're bigger and heavier.

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