Sunday, February 22, 2015

Springs Preserve

It's too bad that Red Rocks, one of our favorite climbing areas, is right beside Las Vegas, one of our less favorite places. But even Vegas has some redeeming features, and for us one of them is Springs Preserve. On our rest day from climbing we spent the morning there. One of the best parts of buying a membership (apart from supporting a good cause) is that you get to enter the gardens and trails early, at 8am, instead of waiting till 10am when they open. It's great to wander around when it's quiet and peaceful.

Here are a few of the photos I took. It still seems quite early spring here, so not as many flowers or birds or insects as I might have liked, but it's still a far cry from arctic Saskatoon.




As we entered the trails I noticed something on top of the water tower. I quickly swapped lenses on my camera (from my usual 18-250 to my 150-500 telephoto). It turned out it was a pair of American Kestrels, North America's smallest falcon. Thankfully they stayed there long enough to get a few photos. The angle and distance made it hard to get good shots but it was still nice to see such beautiful birds. They flew away, but a bit later, from a distance I could see they were back on their perch. Probably a good spot to hunt from.

American Kestrel on tower

American Kestrel

There were also a few hummingbirds around, despite the shortage of flowers.


Thanks to Shelley, here's one of me busy taking photos (Sigma 150-500 lens, Jobu Designs monopod, Really Right Stuff monopod head)


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