Friday, December 26, 2014

Winter Walk

frost on grass



After not leaving the house at all yesterday I figured I'd better get outside today. I headed out just before sunrise, but it was so cloudy that there was no "sun rise", just a gradual brightening. But, as usual, I found a few things to photograph. It's always colder standing around than if you're moving and generating some heat. I bundled up but my hands and feet still got cold. It was "only" -20c but there was enough of a wind to make it seem colder. I started with just a light glove on my right hand so I could operate the camera but my fingers started to freeze and I ended up keeping the big mitts on and fumbling with the controls. My nose was dripping in the cold and despite trying not to I ended up hitting the camera a few times. Not a problem though since it froze instantly. I'm always impressed that the camera keeps working in these temperatures.

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