Sunday, December 14, 2014

Singapore Gardens by the Bay

After I got through the final Hong Kong photos I thought I could finally get back to all the (thousands) of photos from our Kanchenjunga trek. But I had forgotten the batch of photos from the Singapore Gardens by the Bay. I had seen pictures of the "supertrees" before our trip and it was on our list of places to visit, but I hadn't realized how big a development it was, with two huge glass dome conservatories and beautiful gardens in addition to the "trees". It's not exactly a "natural" area, but it was still wonderful. I took a lot of photos here, and although I tried to prune them fairly ruthlessly I still ended up uploading quite a few to Flickr.

There are two huge domed conservatories. I thought I'd like the Cloud Forest better, but I think I actually preferred the Flower Dome (except for the big Christmas display, bah humbug!) The cloud forest had more a more impressive "mountain", waterfall, and elevated walkways, but the flower dome seemed to have a bigger variety of flowers and plants. I tend to think of "greenhouses" as hotter than outside, but both of these were actually air conditioned to maintain a cooler climate.

supertrees and flower dome

Gardens by the Bay - Cloud Forest





backlit fern

I managed to find a few lizards outside in the gardens. This one is making a territorial display.

lizard with territorial throat display

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